Jon Joseph Bourgerie is a British Entrepreneur who started his first company straight out of university, now his business interests are spread across events, travel, fitness, yachts, property and swimwear.

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Jon is the founder of the Modball Rally, the largest and most successful road trip party in the world, which takes place each year through the UK, Europe, America and Australia.

Now residing in Shoreditch, London, Jon was born in a small village and attended school in Wiltshire. He developed a strong sense of business acumen at an early age, and his entrepreneurial streak was encouraged by his father who instead of giving Jon weekly pocket money, would give him a £5 note and encourage him to buy and sell things to fellow students.

Within 3 months, Jon had created a mini confectionary empire at his school and was making £70 a week profit at the tender age of 12. However, the successful business venture came to an abrupt end after he was threatened with expulsion when his teachers discovered the reason behind a 30 per cent drop in the school canteen’s profits and a huge amount of chewing gum around the school.

The remainder of Jon’s school career passed without incident and he went on to university obtaining a batchelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing, where he had the idea for the Modball Rally – a non-stop party road trip around Europe with some of the world’s fastest, best and most unusual cars. After graduating. Jon took a year out to concentrate on his other big passions – surfing and skydiving. He travelled the globe visiting some of the world’s best beaches and drop zones and working as a surfing instructor in Hawaii, but returning home twelve months later penniless.

Jon borrowed a friend’s sofa in London, walked everywhere, lived on Weetabix and landed a role at a advertising agency. He continued to dream of launching the Modball and he did it with the only asset he had, a Playstation with 21 games. Jon swapped his beloved Playstation with a colleague who agreed to build the first Modball website, six weeks later and a bit of convincing at Max Power magazine to announce the event Jon had sold out the first rally.

The first Modball event in Europe took place with 150 cars driving through Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, France and Austria. It causes headlines all over the world with it’s unique combination of fast cars, models, partying, celebrity, music and travel.

Jon has developed an unconventional approach to business by enjoying life to the fullest and making business fun. This attitude has been undoubtedly successful for Jon, who quit his day job to found his first company aged 24 after the success of the first Modball Rally. Jon’s companies now employ up to 300 people for unique events, corporate events, music concerts and charity events. During these events Jon entered the Guinness Book of Records when he staged The Biggest Band at Wembley Arena. The aim was to get as many young people into the UK charts as possible. 10,000 school children sung live together to record a pop single.

Since beginning his first company Jon has grown his interests into the property market by launching Modball House in Ibiza, this is a five bedroom five bathroom ultra villa available for rent, visit for more details.

Jon has also launched the Yachtball, a one day superyacht version of the Modball where participants spend a day on a yacht visiting Ibiza’s most stunning beaches. During the day Yachtballers collect playing cards with one winning team taking home prize money.

In February 2019 Jon launched his first CrossFit gym in London’s most vibrant area, Shoreditch. With Jon being involved in fitness from an early age and a passionate CrossFitter after the introduction by his friend, it was a natural progression to own a gym. This 5000 square foot space is a flagship gym in the CrossFit industry and the first of many as plans to open additional venues across London have begun.

In August 2019 Jon opened his second CrossFit gym in Swindon where he first started his training and where he grew up. Luke and Harry the co-owners wanted to take their CrossFit Swindon business to the next level so after asking Jon to get involved the space is now a 5800 sq ft mecca of fitness with a fantastic CrossFit community.

In September 2019 Jon invested in an established swimwear brand, Aerin Swim. Having met Sophie and Francesca earlier in the year after putting together a sponsorship deal, a meeting was made and Jon became the co-owner bringing in all of his contacts to elevate the business and take it to a new level.

To follow Jon on Instagram – @jonjosephbourgerie

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